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Looking for the Perfect Costume?


to Queen Amidala and Padme

Here is some lovely concept art of the wedding gown. This gown was known as costume P-20 during production. The Image Attack that shows this costume reads, "Padme's wedding gown, designated P-20 by the costuming crew. Very few photographs of this gown have been published as it was kept under wraps for most of production."

Instead of from fantasy, it looks like for the final design, they drew from history. The Mythmaking: Behind the Scenes of Attack of the Clones book describes Padme's wedding gown as being inspired by Edwardian styles.

Padme's wedding gown has been compared to the Queen Mother's wedding gown (far left) well as her coronation gown (other 3 images)

The action figure came out in June of 2003.

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